Overseas Voting Registration

Overseas Voting Registration: Feb 2 -Aug 31, 2009

Host: Ed Orpina
Location: Nearest Philippine Consulate for 2010 Philippine Elections US
When: Monday, February 2, 9:00AM

In cooperation with the Philippine Consulate of San Francisco-Consul Fred Santos and Vice Consul Leah Rodriquez, we would like to request that you forward this EVite to all your friends and families across the globe.

Overseas Voting Registration: Feb 2 - Aug 31, 2009 at your nearest Philippine Consulate for the 2010 Philippine Elections. Bring your passport and your signed Oath of Allegiance.

Reaquire your citizenship if you want to vote! (You can find the implementing rules at www.fpacc.com or the Philippine Consulate http://www.philippineconsulate-sf.org/dualcitizenship_faq.htm

Who can vote:

1. All Filipinos with a Philippine passport. * Those who lost their passports can apply for a new one.

Who Cannot Register to Vote:

1. Those who lost their citizenship or who did not reacquire it. 2. Those convicted of crimes punishable by minimum of 2 years in prison. 3. Those legally declared mentally incapacitated.

Thank you,

Ed Orpina VP, Global Communications Federation of Philippine American Chambers of Commerce